Love Rudeye Mentor Program


The UK’s no 1 commercial dance mentor program.

Hosted by Love Rudeye Agency and officially approved by The Network

Led by the amazing Christina Andrea
Christina Andrea

The mentor program is an 8 week course taking each chosen performer through exactly what is needed to be successful within the commercial dance industry.

Mentorship includes
  • Advice on Auditions/Castings, Networking, Profile building and Image
  • Business and performance mindset training
  • Photoshoot with a top UK industry photographer
  • Free classes though Love Rudeye at Pineapple studios
  • Skype seminar on building online profile with experts from L.A.
  • Free personal website
  • Make up tutorial with top MUA
  • Fitness and Nutrition advice
  • Free financial/business advice
  • Osteopathic seminar from top expert
  • Network Invitation
Other Mentors include
Stuart Bishop
Stuart Bishop

Love Rudeye Agency Director

LR Mentor Program Tutors
Pineapple tutors

Including Brendon Hansford, Chris Tendai, Max Allan, Danielle Barton, Kane Foley and Dale Moran.

Love Rudeye believes...

"Each performer has what it takes to make it to the top and by sharing the exact performance and business knowledge and all information and tools necessary to succeed, it gives the graduates of this program a great winning platform to take into the emerging new #HigherLevel performing Arts industry and beyond."

Love Rudeye Agency