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This 8-week mentor program is completely free for the chosen applicants due to, and thanks to, our amazing sponsors! Please check out the links below to see how these incredible services and individuals can also help and benefit your careers and take you to a Higher Level. All services are Network Approved.

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Part Time Website

Part Time Website leads the way for performer websites here in the UK and the USA.

Based in Los Angeles they know exactly how to build your online profile keeping you looking classy, on trend and fully interactive for you, your clients, fans and followers.

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Brend Trend & Gabrielle Boudville

Gabriel Boudville and Brend Trend are Network approved photographers exclusively represented by LR Photography Both have taken pictures of many of the top industry dancers and models and specialises in powerful colourful and confident images perfect for the #HigherLevel performer. Check out their website below and see what the fuss is about!


Marsha is the expert when it comes to saving money and working with performers to help slash their bills and outgoings. Smart people save and Marsha is on hand to help out!
Check out Marsha’s website where you can find out all the information so you too can start saving!

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Love Rudeye

Love Rudeye is a Network approved talent and media agency representing and managing artists within the #HigherLevel industry.

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The Network

The Network serves as protection for the upcoming #HigherLevel Performing arts industry.

All services and individuals used on the mentor program are Network approved. For more information

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Deirdre is an osteopath at the top of her game. She has also run her own personal training business at one of the most prestigious NYC gyms.
Here she has trained many high-profile clients from sports, entertainment and business backgrounds, leading her to make many television and magazine appearances.

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Special thanks to

Stephanie Venus, Maddie Waters, Kane Foley, Calvin Francis, Danielle Barton, Brendon Hansford and Max Alan for being our fabulous mentors!

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